Super Ideas for Soap


The first bars of individually-wrapped soap were invented back in 1830 by Jessie Oakley. A few years later wWilliam Sheppard came up with a liquid soap. Soap has many uses besides keeping us clean. Here are a few of our favorites.

A bar of soap rubbed on the threads of screws will let the fastener go into hardwoods easier.

You can lubricate a saw blade with a bar of soap.

That zipper that doesn’t glide anymore will zip with easy after you rub the teeth with some soap.

Windows and drawers that are balky and don’t glide smoothly will benefit from a soap bar lube job.

Tiny nail holes in drywall are instantly patched by rubbing a bar of soap across the surface.

Liquid soap or detergent can be used in water to be applied to remove wallpaper. It acts as a wetting agent and helps the water stick to the surface better.

It also makes for a super bubble bath!

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