Make Your Own Wind Chimes

By Super Handyman Al Carrell

Wind chimes are a great addition to your patio or deck. Even a slight breeze will result in pleasing sound. Here’s how you can do-it-yourself. . .often with materials you already have.MaterialsStrong string
Turnbuckles (2)
Round metal electrical box cover plate
Electrical conduit (pipe)
Scrap block of wood
Weight (We used a plastic tile)Directions

1. Cut conduit into four sections. We found lengths of 32, 36, 39 and 40 inches

makes a great sound.

2. Drill holes near the top of each pipe section.

3. Remove the bottom eye-bolt from each turnbuckle, using one to attach the remainder of the turnbuckle to the round plate and the other to hold the wood block.

4. Now look at the drawing to assemble the chimes. Note that the wood block must be positioned so it will strike all four pipe sections and that the weight hangs below them.

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