Tips on Topiaries


Topiaries aren’t new but they certainly have grown in popularity over the past few years. There are also some new and really clever versions of the classic form.

The most basic form of topiary is a wire that has been shaped and placed in a pot for a vine to twine itself around. You can make a very simple one from a wire coat hanger. Bend the coat hanger into a shape keeping the top hook of the hanger at the base of the form. You can make something like a circle or a heart. Straighten the hook out to a long piece and then stab it into the soil along side one of your favorite vines and let the vine do its’ thing. As the vine grows you can wind it in and around the shaped wire and secure it rafia if you need to.

Another fun form of topiary requires a bit more work. Choose a shape that is simple and cut off a piece of poultry wire and work it into the shape. You can tuck the ends into each other to secure them. Start out by doing something like a tree shape. After a little practice, you might try making something a little more intricate like a rabbit or a bird. Leave an opening so that you can fill the shape with moss. Fasten the shape to the soil with floral picks or more wire in a pot. Plant the pot with a few vines and allow the vines to grow over the shape. Pick a vine that will adhere to the moss and wire for the best results.

Be creative in your home and garden and show off a little bit of yourself in the things you do.

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