Fireplace Safety


If you have a fireplace, you know how cozy it can be on a cold winters’ night. But before you get all snuggled down, better go through our check list first.

Have your fireplace checked for cracks in the mortar joints. Even a tiny crack can cause the flames to be sucked in and could start a fire.

Also have the chimney checked for creosote build-up. This burning by-product is responsible for starting chimney fires.

Make sure the flue is open before starting a fireā€¦sounds silly but just about everybody has forgotten it before. The good thing is, you usually only forget once!

Always keep a fire screen between the fire and your home to prevent embers from falling out.

Never leave a fireplace burning when you are not at home.

If you burn scrap materials, don’t use anything that can give off damaging fumes. Don’t burn pressure treated lumber or paper with inks and dyes in it.

Don’t put combustible materials near the fireplace. Holiday decorations hanging from the mantle is not a good idea. Make sure any rugs in the area are kept a safe distance away or buy the type treated with a fire-retardant.

Keep in mind that some embers will continue to burn for days after the logs have burned out so don’t dispose of them in anything other than a metal can when you clean out the old ashes.

We hope all of your fires are a flaming success!

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