Top Ten Excuses for NOT Doing-it-Yourself


Top 10 Excuses for NOT Doing it Yourself

By Al Carrell and Kelly Carrell

In the Super Handyman column, we try to help our readers in every possible way to be able to cope with the everyday disasters that happen around the house. We realize, however, that not everyone wants to become a do-it-yourselfer. We want to help those folks, too . . .so we offer the top ten excuses for not doing it! Reason number:

10. “I need to eat and take my vitamins to build up my strength first.”
9. “I’ve had a mechanical by-pass and my doctor told me to by-pass any and everything mechanical.”
8. “According to the fashion magazines, my work clothes are out of style.”
7. “I’m highly allergic to sweat!”
6. “My horoscope for today warns me against getting in stressful situations!”
5. “You should never do any fix-it chores in a month that has an “R” in it!”
4. “The dog ate my tools!”
3. “It’s a full moon!”
2. “This project doesn’t rise to the level of meaningful improvement!”

AND . . .the number one excuse for not doing-it-yourself is . . .TADA!

1. “First, I should read the Super Handyman Column to find out how!” *

*If your local newspaper doesn’t carry The Super Handyman column, tell their Features Editor to contact King Features Syndicate in New York.

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