Plastic Pot Scarecrow

A Scary Scarecrow

There’s nothing more scary than a pile of empty plastic pots. Why not turn them into something to scare the birds instead of you!

I made a Super Scarecrow for one of my gardens to keep the birds away when I want them to stay out.

You will need:
1 medium pot
2 large pots
14 small pots
1 wire coat hanger
some rope or heavy twine

Assemble it as close as you can to the drawing. Of course, yours’ may be larger, smaller, taller or may not be a person at all. Once you hang it from a nearby tree or on a tall pole you’re set.

We aren’t sure if it’s the action from the wind or just the sight of it that scares the birds, but It does work!


You can make one out of different sized clay pots and set it on a bench in your yard for decoration. Or make an animal shape from one.

Have Fun and Be Creative!

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