Hardwood Floor Tips


Hardwood floors are again very popular. Many new homes offer hardwoods in nearly every room. Owners of older homes that are being remodeled have discovered that under that orange shag carpet, there are perfectly good hardwood surfaces waiting to be refinished.
Most hardwood floors these days are finished with urethanes which leave a very hard and beautiful look.
If you are fortunate enough to have hardwood floors, here are some things you should know to keep them looking like new.

1. Water and wood do not mix! This means no mopping. Water spills and plumbing disasters must be dealt with ASAP.

2. Humidity is water based so it’s important to have humidity control year round.

3. Clean the floor each day to remove any grit or dirt that could scratch the surface. Use a broom, dust mop or vacuum.

4. Wipe up food spills immediately using a rag or paper towel. Then clean the spot of the spill with a hardwood floor cleaner. Never clean with soap, detergent or oil soap.

5. Waxing floors used to be popular but these new finishes are usually best when not waxed. Never use vinyl floor care products on hardwoods.

6. Area rugs and mats are a good idea in the kitchen to catch spills and water. They are also handy at entry doors to remove grit from shoes. Don’t use rubber or plastic backed mats.

7. Don’t wear shoes or boots that could scar, scratch or otherwise mar the surface. Trim the pets toenails and maybe even your own. Watch out for kid’s toys that can scuff the floor.

8. Make sure all furniture legs have proper protectors.

9. As you move furniture or appliances, either lift the unit and carry it, or place a carpet scrap under the piece.

10. Enjoy!

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