Add a New Medicine Cabinet


If your bathroom needs an extra mirror and a little more storage space for small items, it may be easy to install a between-the-studs unit. If your home has hollow wall construction, here’s what you do:

*First, pick a wall that will not have electrical wiring or plumbing pipes inside.

*Next, locate the studs within the wall, using a stud finder. There are several types, the most common being a magnet that points out the nails holding the drywall to the studs.

*When you locate two adjoining studs on the wall where you want the medicine chest. These studs should be 16 inches on center and the cabinet should be able to fit between them. Using the cabinet as a template, outline it on the wall.

*Using a drywall saw or keyhole saw, put the point against the wall board inside the outline and twist your wrist until the saw bores through.

*Now saw over until you hit a stud and then saw along the outline.

*In order to box in the opening, cut a pair of 2x4s to fit horizontally between the studs to close in at the top and bottom if the opening. Toe nails these in place.

*Lift the cabinet into the opening and secure it with screws on both sides as well as top and bottom.

Most cabinet units will have flanges to hide the rough edges around the opening.

If your medicine cabinet will be on a side wall at right angles to another mirror above the dressing table, have the hinges on your new unit on the side closest to the mirror. That way, with the door partially open, you can see the back of your head for easier hair grooming.

There are also surface mounted units for the faint of heart who would be afraid to cut into the wall … but this is really an easy DIY project!

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