Petroleum Jelly Uses

By Al Carrell and Kelly Carrell

* Rub it over your hands to act as an invisible glove to keep paint or dirt off of your hands while you work.
* Coat the hinge of a squeaky door, no dripping or running oil.
* Coat the threads of glue tubes to keep the caps from getting stuck in place.
* Rub on your table to remove white water rings or blush marks caused by a too-hot serving dish.
* Coat threads of an outdoor light bulb to keep it from rusting and becoming hard to remove.
* Apply it to the panes of your windows before painting the trim, better than masking tape in many ways.
* Coat battery terminals to keep them from corroding.
* Coat water pipes that are screwed together to get a better seal.
* Nuts and bolts come apart easier when the threads have been coated.
* Keep a trailer hitch from rusting, coat and then cover with a slit tennis ball
* Put a dab in a plastic bag and fill with small hardware items. Shake it to coat parts and help prevent rust.
* Coat vacuum cleaner hose parts before connecting them so they will come layer.
* Keep hands from chapping in cold, wet weather outdoors.
* Put some on your dog’s feet to keep them in good condition.
* Protect chrome in storage.
* One tiny birthday candle will stay lit for hours when stuck into a jar of petroleum jelly. Keep this set-up on hand for emergencies.
* Put a layer around the inside rim of a paint can before closing the lid. It will come right off when your open the next time and it will still be fresh.

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