Kitchen Safety


The kitchen is the most common place for a house fire to start. If you’re not careful, you could burn more than the toast! Here are some safety rules for the kitchen.

Don’t wear a robe with loose, flowing sleeves. These could touch a burner before you even know it.

Don’t use a dish towel to remove a pan from the oven as it, too, can contact the burner and catch fire.

Don’t store frequently used spices and condiments above the stove. You have to reach over the burners and could catch fire.

When frying, keep the lid of the pan handy. You can quickly put a fire out by just covering the pan.

Watch out for popping grease when frying. A screen guard can be helpful for this.

Steam can burn you without flames. Be careful to lift lids or open bags containing steam away from you.

When cooking, don’t let pan handles stick out toward the front of the stove top. These can be bumped or pulled off.

Store your fire extinguisher away from the stove so you can reach it in an emergency.

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