A Heap about Compost


Composting is a super way to enrich your soil. It’s also an easy, inexpensive and neat way to earn your “Hero Medal” in ecology.

There is no exact recipe for making good compost and anytime is the right time to start your own heap. Many different things can go into the heap as long as it was a living thing at one time. Grass clippings, leaves, sawdust, wood ashes, weeds, twigs, hay, vegetable peelings, egg shells and even coffee grounds can all go into your compost heap. Don’t add fat or meat scraps. (Check with your local restrictions to make sure they allow all of the things you plan to use.)

The time required for the processing depends on the amount of heat generated within the pile, the level of moisture, and the materials used. The heat will also be responsible for killing off weed seeds and some plant diseases. It’s ready when it has decayed to the consistency of peat moss. This could take anywhere from a couple of months to a year.

When done, put the rich compost on top of the soil around your plants or mix it slightly into the top few inches of soil. You can add mulch to it to make it go farther.

Compost, plus your other regular care, will make your plants thrive … and you’ll have done something nice for MOTHER NATURE!

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