Child-Proofing your Home

Child-Proof Your Home

For the safety of little fingers, install either door-knob covers to prevent opening, door-holders to prevent closing, or finger-pinch guards that will not allow doors to close completely.

Install window-guards so windows cannot open more than six inches.

Install safety glass or plastic in large windows and French doors so they will not shatter if a child falls into them.

Cover all electrical outlets not in use with plastic safety plugs that snap in to prevent accidental electrocutions.

Install a safety gate at the top of all stairways, placing the latch on the side farthest from your child’s reach. Install another at the bottom to keep your child from climbing the stairs, too.

Place adhesive non-slip stickers in bathtubs to prevent falls.

Install cabinet, drawer and door locks to keep medicines, cleaning supplies and other dangerous substances out of little ones’ reach.

Install child-proof gates and fences around your pool and install textured concrete or other slip-resistant material to prevent falls and accidental drownings.

Keep emergency phone numbers handy if you miss anything and need help.

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